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1-day Awareness Intensive

How close, how far?

In each of us lies universal intuitive power. It is our fuel and the greatest life motivation. It is  inseparable from ourselves and we all felt it intensely as children while we were careless. With our age, problems linger and slowly most of us are inevitably turning away from that source so it seems that life has lost the sweetness, the brightness and the courage that we have had in childhood.

What is actually happening?

As we grow, we face with various situations that we have to overcome. During our life we have learned to play various roles to adapt to every new situation. But unfortunately, most of these roles we play automatically loosing that spontaneity and strength we have had as a child. Instead, driven by habits, we unconsciously enter into various identities that are not really our true nature. From that false identifications the feelings of dissatisfaction and blunders are born.

How to regain a ‘lost paradise’?

Life is in fact a constant stream of indirect experiences of ourselves, others, and the world around us. We daily experience ourselves and others indirectly, through various thoughts, emotions, images and sounds, using our senses and unconsciously associating ourselves with everything. Anyway, you are not your thoughts, you are not your emotions or your learned behavior. But who are you then? This is a question we will deal with at our Awareness Intensive.

The key that opens the door is de-identification

Awareness Intensive is a technique by which we practice de-identification to re-discover the truth about ourselves. The technique combines ancient contemplation on the puzzle of ‘Who am I’ with a communication model in pairs. The point is to bring to consciousness all of its contents that will spontaneously occur while contemplating on the given puzzle and then to communicate all of that content, without censorship, to your partner at the workshop. By communication, you free yourself from everything you think or feel that you are. Layer by layer everything that you are not disappears, fades away. This brings you to a specific state of consciousness that is in zen referred to as kensho or “instantaneous enlightenment” (the direct knowledge of truth), which is also the core of Awareness Intensive.

What exactly does ‘direct knowledge’ mean?

As we are used to indirectly experience ourselves through various things, such as body, mind, and emotional filters. Only when there is no difference between one who understands (the subject) and that what is known (the object) then there is unity, ie. you are that and there is nothing between. The best advantage of Awareness Intensive technique is speed of discovery. True beauty is in discovering yourself without imposing any philosophies that you must believe in. There is no fear of a brain manipulation which is quite common in spiritual-developement techniques. The only thing that is expected of you is to invest an extraordinary willing effort to find out who is behind all the names and forms and to be open to every opportunity that can be answered in response. The workshop is intense as it runs all day (08:00 – 20:00) so be prepared to expose yourelf to a hard training on just one day to find out the truth about yourself.

We are all searching for the truth. There is something in us that drives us, which makes us go further and further … something that is stronger than ourselves. But how close or how far are we from directly knowing it. Come as you are and find the answer!

Starting date: 17th April, 2017. The AI will start from 09:00 a.m. and will be finished at 07:00 p.m.

Location: Yoga Centar, Ilica 62, Zagreb

Maximum number of participants per group: 12

Price: The price for 1-day Awareness Intensive is 500 HRK/70 € pp

Reservation and payment: Book your place at the AI by paying a deposit of HRK 250/35 €. Due to the organizational problems of such workshops, the payment is not refundable. Further payment details will be sent to you after filling the application form.

Applications: Application closing date is 1st of March, 2017. Your application will be automatically received after filling the application form below:

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Tobacco smoking is not permitted during the AI. If you smoke, we suggest that you cut down as much as possible in the days before the AI to avoid a major crisis. Caffeine beverages are not allowed during the AI. We also suggest that you avoid caffeine in the days before the AI. People who drink coffee may experience a severe headache if they stop with drinking abruptly (day or two before start day of the AI

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