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1-day Awareness Intensive

Today we are witnessing a growing number of different spiritual techniques that combine traditional knowledge with the new age approach. Doing so, true knowledge sometimes gets easily degraded. There are many workshops which offer easy solutions that will transform our lives and solve our problems in just a few days. We must be aware that there are no magical solutions. But if you look from a different point of view, they are all having one thing in common and that is a development of consciousness. Even hatha yoga, combining a certain physical poses called asanas and breathing, can increase our body-soul consciousness.

As the need for self-empowerment today is growing, it is inevitable to search for the old traditional knowledge that has survived the test of time and which still lives today in its own way in the modern age.

Awareness Intensive is not one of those workshops that promises a complete transformation of life in one day, but is designed to give you a technique in which answer comes from yourself. Through the ancient technique of contemplation called atmavichara or selfinquiery, with expert guidance, we will help you learn how to overcome the concepts of oneself.

Starting date: 15th May, 2016. The AI will start from 09:00 a.m. and will be finished at 07:00 p.m.

Location: Yoga Centar, Ilica 62, Zagreb

Maximum number of participants per group: 12

Price: The price for 1-day Awareness Intensive is 500 HRK/70 € pp

Reservation and payment: Book your place at the AI by paying a deposit of HRK 250/35 €. Due to the organizational problems of such workshops, the payment is not refundable. Further payment details will be sent to you after filling the application form.

Applications: Application closing date is 1st of May, 2016. Your application will be automatically received after filling the application form below:

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Tobacco smoking is not permitted during the AI. If you smoke, we suggest that you cut down as much as possible in the days before the AI to avoid a major crisis. Caffeine beverages are not allowed during the AI. We also suggest that you avoid caffeine in the days before the AI. People who drink coffee may experience a severe headache if they stop with drinking abruptly (day or two before start day of the AI

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